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Tara Brown Novosat

W. Brett Novosat

Lawrence W. Brown
(Past President)

Lawrence. L. Brown
(Past President)










Company Profile

 Mission Statement
To deliver superior quality products and services in less time by utilizing the latest technologies.

 About Us
L. L. Brown, Inc. is a multi-faceted company capable of performing a series of related tasks. At the core is a machining facility with full milling, turning, and grinding capabilities. The property consists of three buildings containing 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 5,000 square feet of office space. The company is located outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where it was incorporated in November 1978, ten years after its inception. Customer satisfaction is key and we use a series of integrated systems to ensure success. With each part we manufacture or service we perform, we provide the benefits of extensive production capabilities, state-of-the-art technology, and strict quality control.

 Officer History
Pictured on the left is the third generation owner, Tara Brown Novosat.  Tara assumed control of the company in 2002.  W. Brett Novosat became the President at that time.  Lawrence W. Brown, the son of the founder has assumed the position of Chairman of the Board.  Lawrence L. Brown, founder, is deceased.

 What Sets Us Apart
In a word, technology! Technology is part of literally everything we do.  Our daily operations are managed by a completely integrated software package controlling quoting, job tracking, inventory, and accounting.  We have high speed FIOS, four unique CAD platforms (Solid Works, CADKEY, Pro Engineer, AutoCAD), a CAM platform (MasterCAM), a simulator, faxing and email capability from all nodes, Servers (Server 2003, SQL, email, web) and a network using fiber optic links. By maintaining a state-of-the-art facility, L. L. Brown, Inc. is at the top of the technology curve.

 Facility List
Computer Systems Welding
     Vista by Epicor - Business Management SW      Burning & Brazing Equipment
     CADKEY - 3D CAD System      Miller Mig Welder
     SolidWorks Solid Modeling      Miller Tig Welder
     MasterCAM - 3D CAM System w/ simulation Cutting
     NSee - 3D Model Simulator      Rockwell Bandsaw
CNC Mills      DoAll Bandsaw
     Fadal CNC VMC 6030, 60 x 30 table (2)      Hyd-Mech S20-A Bandsaw 3HP

     Fadal CNC VMC 4020, 40 x 20 table (4)

     Stone Aluminum Plate Saw

     Fadal CNC VMC 20, 22 x 16 table

Drill Presses
     Mazak VTC-200C VMC 65 x 20 table      Bickford Radial Drill
     Mazak VCN-510C VMC 41.3 x 20 table      Powermatic Four Spindle Drill Press
     Tsugami CNC HMC, 10 Pallet System      Rockwell Drill & Tapping Unit
Manual Mills with Readouts      Solberga Swede Drilling Unit
     Bridgeport 9 x 30 table (4) Finishing
     Ex-Cello Vertical Mill - 9 x 30 table      A-BEC Bead Blast Unit
     Lagun, FTV-2S - 10 x 30 table (2)      Uniblast Media Blast Machine
CNC Lathes      Rockwell Belt & Disk Sander - 6 x 12
     Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 250      Ultramatic Vibratory Finisher
     Mazak CNC Quick Turn 10      Model EBF-4 Paint Cabinet (small parts)
     Mazak CNC Super Quick Turn 10  Inspection
          (Multi-Spindle w/ C-Axis)      Mitutoyo Crysta Apex CMM
Manual Lathes         Bore Gages to 7"  
     H.E.S. -  20" x 60      Granite Grade A Inspection 3' x 5' table
     Max-Turn 175R - 21" x 80" w/ DRO      J & L Optical Comparitor - 14"
     Turret America 14 x 40      Miscellaneous Inspection Equipment
Grinders      Rockwell Hardness Tester
     Blanchard #18-36 Vertical Surface Grinder     Sheffield Profilometer - Group 7L  
     Boyer-Shultz Grinder - 6 x 12 Miscellaneous
     Okamoto Surface Grinder - 6 x 12 (2)      Mitsubishi FX10 Wire EDM
     Okamoto Automatic Horizontal Grinder - 12 x 20      Assembly Area
     Sunnen Precision Honing Machine (MBB1660)      Heat Treating Furnace
       Packaging/Crating Equipment
       5 Ton Press
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