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 Why use customer access

L. L. Brown, Inc. allows access to its online integrated software package that controls our quoting, job tracking, inventory, and accounting for customer information and customer tracking. Customers can view their current order status, quotes with pricing information, and inventory. Each user is able to view their unique inventory by name and part number. Pictures/drawings of each inventoried item is available online which can help with identifying and ordering parts.

The information viewed is current up to the minute, since the information displayed comes directly from our control database. We have set up a simulated customer database that can be accessed using the ID of "testco" with the password "1234". Give it a try and let us know if you would be interested. IDs and passwords are assigned on request.

Key Benefits
  • Customer Order Tracking
  • Review latest quotes
  • Inventory tracking
  • Order by picture/print

 Login here

In time, this page will contain fields to enter your user name and password; however, we are currently upgrading our control system so that this is not possible.  Sorry, but we must redirect you to our old web site.  The home page of that site can be used to gain access to your customer information or to access the test company for evaluation.

Click the following link to enter our old site:  Customer Login


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